Waiver of Liability

Parental Consent, Release and Waiver of Liability,
Assumption of Risk, and Indemnity Agreement

My minor child, is registering as a student in an Educational Program (hereinafter “Program”) that is coordinated by Crania Schools (hereinafter “Crania Schools”). The Minor has my consent to attend. I understand the nature and requirements of the Program. With that understanding, it is my judgment that the Minor is qualified and able to participate in the Program. I acknowledge that the Minor’s participation in the Program is voluntary. Due to the age of the Minor, Crania Schools requires that this Agreement be executed by me in consideration of the Minor’s being permitted to enroll in the Program. I agree to and acknowledge the following:
(1) I am the Minor’s parent or legal guardian.
(2) I agree to drop the Minor off just prior to the start of the Program period and will pick up the Minor immediately following the
end of the Program period. I understand that neither the Instructors, any other student nor any administrator or employee of Crania
Schools shall be responsible for supervision of the Minor both before and after the Program times.
(3) I agree that the Minor will abide by all of the rules and regulations and, if found in violation, may be removed from the Program
either temporarily or permanently. I understand that Crania Schools may withdraw the Minor’s participation if these programs are
disrupted or altered in any way by the Minor’s behavior. I further agree that as a parent or guardian of the Minor, I take full
responsibility for the behavior and conduct of the Minor and any consequences resulting from his or her actions.
(4) I agree that the Minor may be photographed, audio or videotaped by Crania Schools. I agree that photographic image(s)
and information that correspond with the photographic image(s) may be disseminated for any public usage by Crania Schools.
(5) As parent of the Minor, I understand that there are safety risks associated with the Minor’s participation in programs and
activities designed for children. I acknowledge and agree that I have had the opportunity to ask questions of Crania Schools
officials concerning these matters, and all questions have been answered to our satisfaction.
(6) On behalf of ourselves, our heirs, executors, and administrators, I waive and release forever any and all rights for claims and
damages I may have against Crania Schools (both individually and jointly), their trustees, officers, employees, and agents in any
manner due to any personal injury or property loss sustained as the result of the Minor’s participation in the Program. I
hereby indemnify and hold harmless from and against any and all claims, demands, judgments, losses and expenses, including,
but not limited to, attorneys’ fees for personal injury or death to the Minor or damage to the Minor’s property during the Program
period arising out of or resulting from the negligent or wrongful acts or omissions of Crania Schools, and their employees and
agents with the exception of gross or willful misconduct.
(7) I agree that should there be disagreements or problems with the implementation of this agreement, the laws of Ontario will
govern any resolution. I further agree that should litigation or grievances result, the forum for any lawsuit, hearing or
adjudication shall be in Ontario.
(8) As parent of the Minor, we agree that I will promptly communicate any problems or issues associated with the Minor’s
participation in the Program with officials from Crania Schools. I further agree that I will promptly report and disclose to
officials from Crania Schools all pertinent information concerning the Minor’s ability to participate successfully in the Program.

I have provided my emergency contact numbers during lesson times.

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