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Crania offers several math enrichment courses for students. These provide excellent opportunities for those already doing well in school and looking to take their math skills to the next level. Students go beyond just arithmetic and higher order reasoning skills are developed while reinforcing fundamentals. Many solutions feature more than one approach.

The student will develop deep problem solving skills that will help them excel in math and science. Each course consists of a 36-week long curriculum that spans the school year. The program offers the student many opportunities to demonstrate skill and mastery through multiple opportunities to write national and international math contests along with constant feedback, motivation and encouragement.

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Sample Questions


In our Math Fundamentals program, students build their skills in a particular topic. Each topic progresses at a pace for the students to gain the depth of knowledge to build a solid foundation. All the Fundamentals classes also include word problems and an element of problem-solving. Topics include:

In this class, students will build strong skills in the basic addition and subtraction facts. They will also gain competence in multi-digit addition and subtraction with regrouping.
Prereq for Math Enrichment G3-4

Students continue to learn their basic subtraction and multiplication facts. They will learn to master their multi-digit subtraction with regrouping and multi-digit multiplication.
Prereq for Math Enrichment G3-4

In this class, students memorize their times tables and division tables. They further gain competence in multi-digit multiplication and division.
Prereq for Math Enrichment G5-6

Students will solidify their division skills in this class. They will then gain a strong foundation in fractions and decimals giving them the skills they need to tackle further concepts in math. They will learn about relevant terminology, equivalent and simplifying fractions, converting fractions to decimals and basic arithmetic with both fractions and decimals.
Prereq for Math Enrichment G7-8

Many students progress on to our Math Enrichment classes after attending the Fundamentals programs.

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In Teknokids Coding: Scratch, your child will become an expert at the Scratch programming language. Students will start by learning the basics of animation and interaction with computer programs using programming fundamentals including sequences, loops, and conditionals. Students learn with fun projects that include storytelling, music and art. More advanced concepts including functions and variables will be also be covered and the course will culminate with a series of stunning game design exercises. The content and skills obtained in this course will fully prepare the students for text-based coding including HTML and CSS. A must for any student wishing to explore the exciting world of careers in STEAM. No prior coding experience required.


In Teknokids Coding: HTML/CSS, students get their first introduction to text-based coding through designing their own websites using HTML and CSS. Front end web design is an essential element, not only for technology driven careers, but also in the arts, marketing and communication fields. Prior experience (i.e. familiarity with Scratch or an equivalent programming language) is required.


In Teknokids Coding: JavaScript, students integrate their front-end HTML/CSS knowledge with back-end JavaScript to create interactive web pages and games. Alongside HTML and CSS, JavaScript (an object-oriented programming language) is one of the core technologies of the World Wide Web used by over 97% of today's websites. A prior in-depth course in HTML/CSS is required.

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In Teknokids Coding: Python, students will learn to solve computer science problems using the popular text-based language, Python. The focus will be primarily on developing competency in text-based programming by solving fun computer science problems (e.g. designing simple and complex computer versions of games including chess, Nim, Tower of Hanoi, etc). This course will provide students the necessary competency to prepare for a rewarding career in STEM fields including science, mathematics, engineering and technology. Prior experience with a text-based language (e.g. JavaScript) is required.

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In the App Building Club, students will have the opportunity to code an app using a block-based platform. Students can either create an interactive game or identify a problem in the local and global community and work to design an app to solve the problem. Students are expected to have some previous coding experience, either text- or block-based, and will have significant opportunities to practice their coding skills. The course will provide practical experience in app creation. Students that have completed Teknokids Coding: Javascript, Teknokids Coding: Python, or Teknokids Intermediate are welcome to join.

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Give your kids a head start with technology by enrolling them in our fun-filled Technokids Early program. Your child will gain experience with building simple robots using a unique rivet based platform, and programming of robots that introduce coding concepts to young learners.

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In the Teknokids Junior program, your child will learn about and build a variety of robots that incorporate sensors and motors. Your child will also learn about physical concepts such as center of gravity and friction and use an introductory visual drag-and-drop coding language to solve simple problems. This program is excellent for developing fine motor skills as well as providing a solid foundation for future programming courses.

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In the Teknokids Intermediate program, robots are used to deliver a structured coding program that focuses on fundamentals (such as sequences, loops, conditionals, functions and variables). The students will demonstrate their knowledge of coding by completing numerous problem solving challenges. The students are also introduced to physical concepts such as velocity and acceleration and will learn to apply these to design and modify motorized robots. The students also build robots that use both, gear and servo motors. Your child will also learn about the fundamentals of electricity including safety, working with motors and create simple resistive circuits.


In the Teknokids Senior program, students solidify their coding fundamentals and delve into using Javascript to control a robot. The focus is primarily on problem-solving e.g. programming a robot to perform a multi-step task. The students also build a variety of advanced robots that use both gear and servo motors, and program their robots using an Arduino-style microcontroller using a drag-and-drop C++ style programming language.

The Crania Advantage


We encourage participation in competitions, including the Caribou Math Contest, as a means of stretching further and providing opportunities for growth. Competitions typically take place outside of our regular operating hours and are open to anyone wishing to write the test. Registration is required.

Please contact us for our list of current competitions.


At Crania, we value music education and its effects on a child's brain development. We partner with only the best teachers to provide you the convenience of location and timing. Contact us for a trial lesson and allow your child to experience the beauty of music.

Private Lessons

For students looking for an individualized musical journey, we offer Private one-on-one lessons with one of our highly qualified instructors. Flexible scheduling and affordable rates.

Contact us for availablility.


Reading (and Pizza) Night6yrs+

Come in and spend some time reading with your friends while Mum and Dad get a night out. Our Reading Night provides opportunities for students to practice and enjoy their reading in a comfortable environment with others.

Children are welcome to choose books from our selection or bring in their own. Cushions and blankets make their reading time a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Students are welcome to read on their own or in groups.

Games (and Pizza) Night6yrs+

Join us for a fun-filled and educational Games Night . Open to all students enrolled in a Crania program. Siblings welcome.

Career Talks (accompanied by Guardian)6yrs+

Join us with your family and listen to various members of our community share their professional experience. Presentations on a variety of professions are selected to help students gain a feel for what each profession is about and help them make their own career choices. Open to everyone. Registration is required.

Other Programs6yrs+

Check in for other programs including goal setting workshops, online safety, etc. Registration is required.


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