2017 Results show 50% of Students Don’t Meet Grade 6 MATH Standards

Yet again Ontario Math scores fail to improve! Over the past seven years students tested in Grade 3 and 6 have not shown any improvement in Math proficiency. An astonishing half of Grade 6 students continue to not meet the provincial math standards this year according to the latest results released on Aug 30th, 2017 by the Education Quality and Accountability Office. Grade 3 students showed a decline as well. Many blame the new curriculum introduced 11 years ago.

Below is a summary of Math results over the last decade or so:

The provincial Education Equality and Accountability Office or EQAO is an independent government body that develops and oversees reading, writing and mathematics tests that Ontario students must take in Grades 3, 6, 9, and 10. See the key highlights of this year’s results below:

Overall EQAO Results 2017: Key Highlights and Trends

These graphs include both Primary (Gr.3 ) and Junior (Gr. 6) Divisions.


  • Half of students fail to meet the standard in Gr. 6.
  • There is a general downward trend in math for the past 7 years. 


  • Reading results have increased by 2% points for Gr. 3 and both age divisions have seen a general upward trend.


  • Writing results have decreased by 1% points in both age divisions.

Grade 9 Mathematics

  • The majority of students in “Academic” Math courses meet the standard.
  • More than half of “Applied” math students fail to meet the provincial standard. 

What are the implications of these results?

  • Students that do not meet the provincial math standards in early years, are much less likely to catch up in Gr. 6 and especially not in high school. Academic math courses are required to apply to many competitive and STEM-based university degrees. 
  • Small gaps in math performance can lead to substantial difference in further education and future career options.

Parents and Educators Reactions and Criticism:

Many parents have been echoing the same concern for years and blame the education system and educators. Some parents say to do away with the discovery math instruction method completely as the downward trend in math performance continues.

Educators say that more time is necessary to see positive results from the new curricula. 

At the end of the day, more children now than 7 years ago, are struggling in math at even earlier ages. In Grade 6 and Gr 9, the gap widens between students that succeed in math and the ones that are behind.

What can parents do to help their child’s math?

  • Take matters into your own hands.
    • Don’t wait for promises from education ministers and get your child practicing math after school to catch up or further excel in their math performance.
  • Start early to fill gaps in understanding to solidify concepts.
    • If your child’s grades are slipping or their confusion grows when doing math, it is time to get outside help from dedicated after-school programs or tutors.
  • Building children’s confidence in math early-on is crucial.
    • The way to build confidence is to practice it, have fun, and engage in the work. Getting tutoring or enrolling in math programs will allow children to learn new concepts in multiple and effective teaching approaches.
    • This outside help will allow your child to go at their own pace rather than waiting for classmates and becoming bored.
    • The key to long-term confidence is for your child to SEE RESULTS and improvements in math.
  • How to see results? Use programs, math education resources, or tutors that are researched-backed and have good reviews! 
    • If your child doesn’t respond to the math exercises at school or progresses slowly, know that your child can do much better.
    • There are online social media groups that share these tips such as KW Parents for Education on Facebook and even the resources that we’ve recommended that are tried and tested to get kids engaged and actually learning math.

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