10 FREE Educational Resources

How we learn has changed a lot over the last couple of decades. While institutional-based learning is still mainstream, there is more focus than ever on learning at home and using the Internet for the glorious information tool that it is! Many online resources are gamified and research shows that this increases learning amongst users.

The Internet provides access to many wonderful resources but how does a parent know which ones to choose for their children?

We’ve compiled a list of effective FREE resources you can access right now to get your kids excited to learn without frustrating your kids or yourself!

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We wanted resources that are:

  • accessible
  • engaging
  • easy-to-follow and easy to understand
  • get the best bang for your buck, in terms of time


  1. khanacademy.org
    The most well-known online tutor with over thousands of lessons in all subjects and levels. For math, you can pick lessons by subject, grade level, and test prep for older students.
  2. k5learning.com
    Looking for some worksheets to print out for your child? Try this site to get math worksheets for grades 1-6.
  3. prodigygame.com
    This is a popular one with schools and kids. It incorporates math with a video game. If your kids are into games, this one’s for you! You’ll need to create an account to use it.
  4. dltk-teach.com
    Get your kids writing early and improve their penmanship with these tracers. Site can be confusing to navigate but lots of great resources. I’ve been using their tracers for years!
  5. pbskids.org
    Do your kids like their TV characters? Here’s a great site that incorporates learning with their favorite shows. Note: the videos don’t work in Canada.
  6. coolmath.com
    Coolmath.com is a great hub for kids to watch lessons for math concepts and get access to fun math games. The site is affiliated with coolmath-games.com (a teacher favorite and popular with the kids) and coolmath4kids.com.
  7. jumpstart.com
    Jumpstart is great for picking math worksheets, plans or activities that your kids can do at home. It’s great for filling in gaps and areas your child struggles with. My favorites are the Homemade Ruler and the Math Sticks. Hours of Math fun!
  8. mpower.tvo.org
    For parents with younger kids (J.K. to Grade 6)! 
    This site is an Ontario-curriculum based online game to enforce basic math skills and is fun for your kids!
  9. jr.brainpop.com
    You will find lots of quality educational content. Some of the content requires a subscription but still plenty of free stuff!
  10. earth.google.com
    Use this tool for easy exploration of our world. Kids love to travel around the globe and explore different countries. It’s extremely easy to use and kid friendly. 

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